About Kohimarama Presbyterian Church


Mission Statement

Our mission is to work for the Kingdom of God in our Community and the World, that all may see Jesus in us and thereby know whom we serve.


Kohimarama Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.  It is governed by a Parish Council (the church's minister, elected elders and councillors) at a local level, Presbytery at the Auckland level and General Assembly at the National Level.

Our Parish Council is made up of fifteen elders and councillors, including our minister, and each elder is part of one sub-committee - Education and Worship, Missions, Pastoral Care, and Property and Finance, which report back regularly to Parish Council.

Within Parish Council there is also an elected Presbytery elder who, along with the Minister, represents our church at Auckland Presbytery.  The General Assembly meets every two years and is made up of chosen representatives from each Presbyterian church.

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand governs all Presbyterian Churches in New Zealand and their website gives details of basic beliefs as well as what is happening at a National level.


A few people in Kohimarama began holding services in private homes, around 1920, and in June 1921 a meeting was held at which time it was agreed that the section on which the church now stands should be purchased. Plans were approved to build the church to seat 120.

The church was built in one day on Saturday 8th April 1922 with the support of the local community, as well as many others (about 100) who came by bus, ferry and car to assist. The next day there were approximately 100 people present at the morning service and 125 at the evening service. 
The official dedication took place on Saturday 22nd April and, from then on, two services a Sunday were held.

Kohimarama's Session was combined with that of St Heliers until March 1938, when Rev EC Farr was appointed as a full-time minister at Kohimarama.

An extra hall at the rear of the church was erected in 1939 using voluntary labour and in 1940 a new pulpit was built by a member of the congregation.

During 1947 the outstanding debt on the church was paid off and a section was bought in Marau Road on which the manse was built the following year.

In November 1959, work commenced to extend the church by having one side wall taken out and the church widened with the addition of another aisle and a spire.

Further alterations were made in 1988. The church was effectively turned round internally. Moving the pulpit and communion table to the other end of the church meant that a new entrance was needed and duly built. The old entrance became the office and large folding doors were put between the realigned church and the hall. Additionally a new lounge, kitchen and toilet area were built. All these alterations were dedicated on 30th October 1988.

Numerous Ministers have served at Kohimarama Presbyterian and the work and witness of the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of God in Kohimarama continue.