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Christmas IcoNZ
If you are interested in exploring possibilities for Christmas IcoNZ this year, please talk to Nikki.

Mary & Joseph journey –as part of extending our table through  Advent you are invited to sign up and be part of Mary and Joseph’s journey. Signing up means you will have Mary and Joseph arrive at your home, and then on the day you signed up for, you will share the Christmas story around a table of hospitality. It may be your dinner table, your lounge coffee table, a cafe table, a picnic mat... but it will involve you inviting someone to share hospitality in some form with you. Mary and Joseph are to be present (on the table) and some time given to include telling the story of Christmas –you could read Luke 2: 1-20, use a Christmas story book, or simply tell it in your own words... as an explanation of their presence. After your shared hospitality, it will be your responsibility to get Mary and Joseph to the next person on the list, for the next day.

 Advent Intentions

Next week we will be handing out Advent Intentions –a series of cards that invite you each day in Advent to intentionally spend the day with God -with all the curiosity, generosity, and hope that God gives us and to share our joy. If you know you will not be here and still want one, ready to begin using them

Advent and Christmas at Kohi Church

Sun 2nd Dec  9am Advent 1: Hope
Sun 9th Dec 9am Advent 2: Peace
Sun 16th Dec 9am Advent 3: Joy The Donkey’s Christmas – Children’s musical
2 pm Community Carolling
Tue 18th Dec 7pm Blue Christmas Service
Fri 21st Dec 9am Christmas Holiday Programme
Sat 22nd  Dec 9am Christmas IcoNZ opens
Sun 23rd Dec  9am Advent 4: Love - Carol Service
4.30pm Messy Christmas – Messy Church
Mon 24th Dec 11pm Midnight Candle lit Service
Tue 25th Dec 9am Christmas Day Service – all Ages
12pm Christmas Lunch in the hall

Other Events :