The overgrown labyrinth

Out near the vegetable garden on the seaward side of Nether Springs is an overgrown labyrinth –made up of mainly buttercups with a motley range of other weeds thrown in. It was once a beautifully kept labyrinth, but by the time we came upon it, it was rather ragged.

However, Reuben was very keen to do it, especially in the evening when the bees no longer buzzed... so off we headed. As we made our way slowly through the growth, I was reminded of the way labyrinths tend to trick you –just when you think you are coming close to the centre –almost touching the heart of God, you find yourself back at the outer rim.

Our lives with God can be like that –just when we think we have it sorted we find ourselves from the heart of God. At Nether Springs a common quote is “When you lie on the breast of Jesus, you feel the heartbeat of God.” So when we find ourselves out on the edge, perhaps it is time to rest on the breast of Jesus.

overgrown labyriinth.JPG